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  • Shame on you!

    Real men open one tab with that Google images hentai search, use that Vaseline and go to town beating the-

    I mean, have a good day at school :D
    I think it's just older traditional japanese people that are that way. The younger generation seemed to be 100% cool with foreigners.
    I'm not sure if it's "explainable."

    Just like we can't really explain why some white people in America are racist.

    I literally don't know why they are that way, they can't even debate why they are racist. They just are.
    I don't know too much, but I know that they have laws that state that anyone who's a citizen is treated equally regardless of ethnicity. yet there are some xenophobic groups that actively hate on S/N Koreans who migrated there, along with some Chinese.

    They kind of treat their immigrants like trash. But we're talking about a group of people. Not everyone in Japan holds these views. I had japanese friends when I lived in japan and we couldn't speak a word to eachother. Then you'd have some adults that would scream and shout at you.

    one time my dad's car broke down in the rain. A Japanese guy in a expensive car in a business suit got out to come help him. Once he saw he was not Japanese, he immediately turned around and got back in and drove off. He got out in the RAIN to help, and changed his mind once he saw my dad's ethnicity.
    Depends on what part of Japan really, Okinawa for example is that way against Americans. We occupy their land but follow none of their laws. So they tend to have a strong distaste for us there. not everyone is the same, obviously.

    For example I played with japanese people in FFXI, and they are try hards in everything and Americans are generally lazy. So they tend to make fun of americans, and sometimes completely avoid contacting us altogether.

    Now unless you mean mainland... well..
    He posts like 20 videos a day and I can't keep up, which one are you talking about?
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