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  • Sadly everything is dumbed down and PG now for the masses
    we have all of this cool shit now but nobody has passion anymore bro
    Awwh, yeah I have a feeling only one cyborg is coming back and it's gonna be Cyrax or something. I just watched every MK gold ending. Ugh the acting tho..
    I hope I can get it sooner than that too!

    I did! I am so upset that Jade is actually dead :( but it is so sweet how Kitana is honoring her. I already know which variation I'll be using a lot from Kitana - Royal Storm. I have a feeling Jade will be an opponent you fight in the tower (unplayable boss). She will use Kitana's Mournful variation - it makes sense in my head I guess haha!
    I'm saving up my money for a PS4. I should be getting one by the summer or fall. I'll buy MKX for PS3 and wait for the Komplete Edition for PS4. I figured it's a smarter way to go about it - financially, at least.
    I want a new Soulcalibur, but with the classic characters. I love Sophitia so much and missed her in SCV. Elysium did not do it for me. Tekken isn't doing so hot right now tbh.

    I have Dragon's Dogma! I play it quite often actually. I've been playing Skyrim recently too.
    I am not too excited about Tekken 7 actually. I guess it's the fact that it doesn't really have anything new other than "super moves" from what I have seen in videos. I'm glad Lili is in it though. I will probably get it, but only when it gets a major price drop (that goes for most future PS4 games). I really want to play that Shadows of Mordor game.
    Maybe in SFV but not Tekken or MKX ;) I hope to see more of Kitana in this week's stream. I'm dying to see how she plays!
    I did! I was surprised too haha!

    That entire game consumed my entire being the first time I played it. My god it's brilliant! What games are you going to get for PS4 (other than MKX)?
    Made my new account! Super excited! My first PS4 game will be Tomb Raider the definitive edition. Those hair graphics tho :love:
    Haha oh god ~ Outworld's Goddess ~ :laugh: so happy I decided to change that! Come up with something dumber than that! Like acornpoop or paladinporn - I don't know, something like that hahaha!

    I'll probably make the account tonight. Can you just use the same account that you made on your PS3 on PS4? Like when it asks you to sign on can you just enter an existing account? That way I can reserve my name.
    Oh, ew that sucks! Well I'm gonna make a new account named GoddamnGoddess tonight to save it for when I get my PS4. What do you think? I thought it was cute. (It's better than my current one at least).
    I don't give a fawk :-D

    Thanks again man. May someone suck your D piece for Turkey Day
    Hey you! We still haven't fought in Injustice yet. I suck, but I still want to see how your Wonder Woman plays.
    Where's your life? :|

    Yup, I wonder if it's possible for one of us to get that status? Anyways, How's life phaggot? I haven't talked to you in forever.
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