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  • I ment to ask a few days ago but the avatar you had back then, where is it from. It was very artistic and I just loved it.
    the one with the chick.
    It works really well when posted directly in a private message, cause they don't see themselves in the book until they scroll down :laugh:
    It has already been sent. You probably have millions of friend requests on here. Dig through them and get to the most important one. Mine. :evil:
    Yaaay. :flowers: I'll be waiting for my name to be the only one on your list. Apparently my friend request has also been sitting for two years. :_mad:
    May I be your bad10 now? It's been two years. I think. I have waited 2 years to be your bad10 and now the opportunity has finally arose. Let's do this.
    Negro, If I PM you some personal shit will you respond? Because you never respond to me :cry:
    I suppose when your life is at risk, that behavior could begin. The dude REALLY wanted to write that book if he was willing to go through all that shit :laugh:
    YES, the game is way more gun-friendly and getting shot from off-screen is something that happens way too often. This is primarily why I enjoyed the first game's gameplay more. Pretty much why I couldn't play with a risk = reward mindset like I did in the first game, going for combos based on speed. There's so many guns that you have to be extremely cautious.

    Yeah the story is all over the place so you really need to pay attention, like I didn't catch the first time that the final level was The Son going on a drug-fueled rampage, killing The Fans in the process. Only thing I really didn't understand, even when it was all said and done was why Evan (the writer) had that "Rage Mode" if you executed two people. He just didn't seem like that kind of person to lose it like that.
    Believe I remember you saying you liked Hotline Miami. You should give the second one a look, I've never had such mixed feelings about a game before. So many elements of it that I either think are the tits, or think it's a step in the wrong direction. Overall, the first one is definitely better, but the second is worth checking out, it's strongpoint being the story since you play as multiple characters.
    Don't pay them any mind dude...
    Like your boss will preach about shit, and then go home and beat his wife and the family dog
    just ignore the hypocrites
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