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  • If your confused about my scorpion post for you, don't be afraid to ask for a more easier to understand version of something I said.
    LOL, nah dude I have fun playing you. We should play some more again. I want to practice my D1 anti-airs and you're the perfect person for that.
    The new stage revealed for multi-player is the forum from the hercules fight they showed a clip of it and talked about how you align with a god in MP on top of mount olympus and they showed a god preveiw trailer for ares like they did for zues a while back. waiting on commercial break to end now.
    Who's childhood? kratos or ares cuz ares childhood was inside kronos and it wouldn't matter if kratos was a kid in this at some point cuz ares looked the same during the flashback in GoS when he got the scar on his eye soo... like I said idk how they are gonna deal with a re-design but he is a god and they can change form it just seems odd im just hoping he has the same VO (steve blum) and that his hair is still long and just hidden by the flames in the pic.
    It is ares but idk how they would explain the redesign he looked the same in GoW 1 flashbacks and the GoS flashbacks imma stay up n watch it
    Hey ames you got SPIKE? GTTV is doing an all new trailer and MP break down showing new arenas and who ever this guy is...

    yeah I noticed it took you almost a year to plat GoWIII i did it in 1 week 14 hours LOL I havn't trophy hunted in a while tho but i followed your sig to that trophy card site and decided to sign up n check my stats now i feel like finishing out the few games iv got 2-3 trophies left.
    Did you didn't get the GoW III collector's edition right? them challenges of chaos are BOSS. can't wait to have a kratos statue next to pandora's box next year. which reminds me i still need to plat out GoW I & II then ima get the origins collection this month n rebeat GoS n check out CoO wanna see who gets them all platinum'd 1st?
    ok 1st off who is this "SoE" you speak of and 2ndly I think that would work out alright as a side story but honestly swapping out kratos for deimos in and then back again as you said would be weird to me but i guess a change of face is needed however I doubt we will see anymore GoW games after Ascension sadly since the ps3 cycle in nearly complete and SSM would probly wanna start fresh next console (look at mk too much of the same thing however epic gets tiring to top and stale) ill keep throwing my money at GoW as long as they keep making them whoever I play as in GoW IV ill love it.
    Deimos is the shit I played GoS on psp (acually bought it 2 years ago to get the deimos GoWIII skin+theme+avatar bonuses long before i got a psp lol) im fixing to buy the HD origins collection in next month when I get my bonus 20 bucks. But honestly man since GoS set up kratos not knowing about deimos post GoW 1 and since he um dies at the end there isn't a chance really for him to appear again anytime soon but id be all for it some how post II they both come back from the dead (again) and tear shit up.
    It's just the costume from the movie for the MP. but i wouldn't doubt he makes an appearance somehow.
    that wasn't a girl, i'm a very advanced tucker :| where were you working? i've just been making music and taking care of my grandmother. i'm sure you probably read on facebook she had major back surgery. i don't really have time to do much any more. i couldn't be much happier though, she is doing so much better. when are you going to get a 360 bro? as soon as my gma heals up all the way i'm going to get another job and get a ps3. i miss playing with all of y'all. seems most of my trmk buds are on ps3. it's a shame really, xbox live plays so much faster that the playstation network but, i guess you can't argue with free online. what games have you been playing lately or wanting to get into?
    howdy buddy, long time no chat. what have you been doing lately? i don't see you on facebook much any more. just wanting to be nosy and say hi.
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