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  • Well I got my code fixing to redeem it and see what all the fuss is about. Have you tried the beta yet? the SP demo comes out tuesday make sure you look for the UNRATED version of the Total Recall Blu-ray its the only one with the demo.
    Kool well you should have a code if you follow these steps.. good luck man I'm not a major fan of multiplayer in any game but hey at least your technically the game in a form anyways. I want to see if feels right and looks good I loved MGO back in the day but eventually I forgot about it and next thing I knew it was shut down so if this turns out alright I doubt ill be a long time player.
    They have said from the beginning that they wanted to show and explain the multiplayer first because the fans would rage about it being tacked. They also stated from the beginning that single player info/details/gameplay would be shown increasingly towards the release. Either way you will be able to test it out for your self soon enough and pass judgement. The single player game has been shown to live up to the standards of the others the story its self sounds solid to me and with the hints about where and what will be featured I'm confident it will deliver.
    The rise of the warrior page on their site tells you which you are. If you see it say come back on te 17th your a trojan if you get a code your a spartan.
    Another round of Rise of the Warrior is up fyi... unless your a spartan then forget about it and have fun with the beta tomorrow.

    ...for Spartans anyways they get access on the 12th, the Trojans have to wait until the 17th so I'm gonna be bummed out for the next 10 days.
    I wasn't going to watch/own it until I found out that the demo was coming with it awhile back hopefully the demo is downloadable and doesn't require me to keep the movie. On a side note the VGAs are on friday I hate gaming award shows but like last year I'm gonna watch it for trailers the last of us is supposed to have more awesome-sauce.
    As far as Hotaru is concerned, aside from the 7 post-MK3 characters that I listed, the rest I didn't like.
    Didn't like him back then, but that doesn't mean NRS can't make him better for MK10.

    Fujin, Havik, Reiko, Tanya, Kenshi (again in MK10), Sareena and Nitara are the only MK:D thru MK:A characters that I care about for MK10.
    Nah, it isn't Boon listening to the fans.
    If Boon was listening to the fans, he would have made Tremor a playable DLC character for consoles.

    Feels like Boon put just put Tremor in the Challenge Tower so that he can troll fans more and say "Tremor was TECHNICALLY in MK9." :|
    It an awesome look, but I'd prefer his primary costume to be a ninja, just like in MK9 on the Vita.
    As a secondary costume, though, yeah, it's pretty awesome. ;)
    There aren't characters that I'd like to see COMPLETELY remade, but rather given an MK9 version in MK10.

    - Fujin
    - Havik
    - Reiko
    - Tanya
    - Kenshi (again in MK10)
    - Tremor
    - Sareena
    - Nitara

    Those are the only post-UMK3 characters that I liked.
    They are too much like nWo...only not nearly as awesome. It's an okay angle, I guess, but they really need new writers <.<
    Well the spartans won the earlier access challenge to get the beta 1st so if your a spartan on rise of the warrior then you'll get it when ever they give you the code (keep checking but I think it'll be available tuesday when they store updates) if you were born a trojan like me ( :vollkommenauf: ) you'll just have to wait but I'll let you know when it is available if you are.
    Just curious what team were you on for Rise of the Warrior, I think the spartans won or something... FML im a stupid Trojan.
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