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July 7th, 1999
6:16 PM CST -
I recently had the dubious opportunity to interview Eurocom Entertainment Software, developers of Mortal Kombat Gold, for Videogames.com. I have compiled their answers and a few observations from the versions at E3 into a preview of the game. Please check out the Mortal Kombat Gold Preview to see what new information I dug up on Mortal Kombat Gold. The interview, in it's entirety, will be posted tomorrow at Gamespot News

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July 9th, 1999
8:50 PM CST -
The twenty question interview with Eurocom Entertainment Software is now on-line at GameSpot News. This interview sheds light on the many dark areas of Mortal Kombat Gold without spoiling too many suprises in store for those who plan purchase it. Here is the question ragarding the status of Belokk.

GS News: A mystery character named Belokk has been discovered, could you elaborate on who this character is?
Eurocom: It was a surprise to us to see that information on Belokk had been released, as he is not a finished character and one of a number of new features that might (or might not) make it into the game. Currently it's uncertain if he will be part of the finished game. If there is time to complete the remaining work on him, and we have the approval of the coin-op team, then he might be implemented. Currently he is only a possibility.

    You can read the rest of the interview here.

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July 17th, 1999
12:27 PM CST -
It looks like Mortal Kombat Special Forces will miss its plans for a Fall '99 release. According to Gamespot News, Mortal Kombat Special Forces is now expected to be released next spring. Check it out.

Midway has informed GameSpot News that Mortal Kombat Special Forces has been delayed until spring of 2000. The game was originally slated for release this holiday season.

According to one Midway spokesperson, the reason for the delay is to spend extra time on fine-tuning the game. Midway claims the game is on the right track, but the company will require the extra time to ensure its quality.

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8:31 PM CST -
The August 1999 edition of Gamepro has MK series co-creator, Ed Boon, talking about Mortal Kombat Gold. It features a two page spread with screenshots already released to the public. Not very much is revealed in the article that isn't already known from the interview with Eurocom at GameSpot News.

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