April 3rd, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
For those of you who didn't get enough of Threshold's rendition of the MK3, Ultimate, and Trilogy storyline at the theatres, Mortal Kombat Annihilation is now available for rental on home video. Check your local video stores.

12:01 PM CST -
A number of magazines have recently received their copies of Mortal Kombat 4 for the Nintendo64 and Sony PlayStation. Among the information they have reported includes the addition of the new Snow Stage, which we once hinted on a few weeks back. The mags have finally received the most recent versions of the game so a few of them are getting the idea that an incredible amount of progress was made over the last few weeks.

GameSpot's Report on N64 and PSX versions (includes 9 misc screens)

GameSpot's N64 Preview (includes pictures of Goro in action)

NEW GameSpot's N64 Movie (includes a movie Goro in action)

GameSpot's PSX Preview (includes 20 new screens including the Snow Stage)

Ultra Game Players' Preview (includes pictures of fights in the Snow Stage)
GameFan Online's PSX Preview

NEW GameInformer's PSX Screenshots (10 PSX Pictures)
IGN64's N64 Preview (includes quite a few screenshots and movies)
PSMOnline's PSX Preview (a few images and movies)

April 9th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
You would think that Nintendo On-Line would have direct insider information from the developers of MK4, but in their latest preview of Mortal Kombat 4 for the N64 they merely jump to conclusions. They state that Goro is a non-playable Boss in Mortal Kombat 4. Why would a developer take extra space and time to put in a new character and not make him playable? It seems that Nintendo Power is just jumping to conclusions that Goro won't be playable due to the fact that he wasn't on the select screen, or that Eurocom didn't tell them how to access him in that version. Another possibility is that Goro wasn't playable in the 60% completed version they were previewing. It seems pretty unlikely that Goro would be in there just to waste valuable cartridge space; in fact, it's downright absurd
April 13th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Reiko's Shuriken Second Fatality has been found by Darrell and Moe, sent to MKX, and has been confirmed by TRMK staff member, BADRoCK. Reiko showers his opponent with shurikens, then holds the last one to his eye for aim and throws it right between the victim's eyes.
Reiko Multi-Shuriken Fatality: B - B - D - D - HK (Outside Sweep)
12:01 PM CST -
This week's revision of TRMK's extremely successful Mortal Kombat 4 Weekly Fullscale Text FAQ, written by The IceMaster, is now available for download. WWW, FTP, the alt.games.mk USENET Newsgroup
April 15th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
We posted earlier that Fujin's Goro's Lair Ceiling Spikes Fatality has yet to be found. However, it has been brought to our attention by Daniel Frazier that it has in fact been found already, and as seen in the Weekly Fullscale Text FAQ, it's B - F - B - HP. We're sorry for the confusion, as it was left off the Mini Moves List on accident.

Reptile's Second Fatality Found

Imperial Dark Lord has found Reptile's Floating Acid Puke Fatality which was posted on MKNightmares. Dungeon Master has confirmed this fatality to work. Here is the movement, bringing the total amount of moves left to find in Revision 3 down to 4.
Reptile's Acid Puke Fatality : U - D - D - D - HP (outside sweep)
    The Mini Moves List for Revision 3 has been updated with this new movement. The only Fatalities remaining are Sonya's, Raiden's, Liu Kang's and Scorpion's Second ones
April 16th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
As many of you long-time MK fans would remember, MK sound designer, Dan Forden, released music CDs with the music from the first two games back in the early 90's. Look for him to release the music from both MK3 and MK4 on a CD around July this year. He also plans to put up his own web page some time soon. Keep checking back, as we'll be sure to link it as soon as it opens
April 17th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
In Mortal Kombat 4 Revision 3, if Reptile's "Acid Puke" Fatality is performed on Scorpion, it causes the game to freeze halfway through the falling animation, and then it resets. Thanks to Mortal Kombat Nightmares
April 19th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Raiden's Electric Impalement 2nd Fatality has been found, and confirmed by SekTrax. Thanks to Billy Pitt and Chris Harper.
Electric Impalement: D - U - U - U - HP (close)
April 21st, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
This week's revision of the Mortal Kombat 4 Weekly Fullscale Text FAQ is now available for download via the WWW, FTP, and the alt.games.mk USENET Newsgroup
12:01 PM CST -
That's it ladies and gentlelmen, all second fatalities have been found. MKX has put up the last of the second fatailties in Revision 3 found by JMK and Brandon Guimond. The Dungeon Master and Coach have confirmed these to work.
Scorpion's Stinger: B - F - D - U - HP (close)
Sonya's Leg Split: U - D - D - U - HK (outside sweep)
Liu Kang Throw and Fireball: F - D - D - U - HP (close)
April 22nd, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
GameFan Online has finally received the more-recent revision of the N64 port, and have posted 12 new screenshots of it here
April 23rd, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
IGN64 has posted the invincibility code for the Nintendo64 version of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Sent to them by ClapSpot.
"Enter TDFCLT at the password screen, then select Exit and press the A Button. You should now hear a tone that tells you the trick worked. Now start the game as normal or enter a password to continue your previous game -- you're invincible!"

April 24th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
It seems like Jason Thomas, of MKD, received what the real Ed Boon classified as an YAFEBP (Yet Another Faked Ed Boon Post). TRMK got word directly from Ed Boon stating that the e-mail we posted a couple days ago is indeed fake, so it has been pulled from our news database. However, he did not state whether the information contained in the fake e-mail was actually false. Some of the statements made might contain some truth (besides a new arcade revision). We'll try to get some clarification on the matter, but until then nothing is true about what was in the e-mail sent by Mr. Thomas.

12:01 PM CST -
Noob.com, home of MK4 Lead Programmer Ed Boon, has added a MK4 Home Console section, previewing some of the unique features each platform has to offer.
12:02 PM CST -
We followed up on our previous posting concerning the faked e-mail and got a brief, yet informative response from Ed.
Noob Saibot is in both the N64 and Playstation versions of MK4.
    There you have it. Noob is in!
    April 25th, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    The "complete" revision of our Mortal Kombat 4 Weekly Fullscale Text FAQ, written by The IceMaster, is now available for download via The WWW, FTP, and the alt.games.mk USENET Newsgroup. It includes all the moves, Two Fatalities, the Prison Stage Fatality, and the Goro's Lair Stage Fatality, for each of the 15 characters in Arcade Revision 3. Any updates to this FAQ will either be minor corrections, any possible new discoveries, or the addition of new Combos. Send e-mail to mk4@icemaster.org if you have any such contributions. As always, you will be credited if your contributions are added to the following week's revision of the FAQ. Enjoy
    April 26th, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    MortalKombat.com has been updated with a little bit of information on Mortal Kombat Krusades, the new one hour live action weekly tv show based on the Mortal Kombat series. Also, there is word of a third movie in the works. Obviously Annihilation didn't dent New Line's pockets deep enough to prevent a third movie. Let's hope New Line ends on a high note with this third movie
    April 27th, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    As the release date for the Nintendo64 and PlayStation version of MK4 looms nearer, more and more information is surfacing. However, most of this new information is old news to ritualistic TRMK viewers. These "other" sites are just now reporting on "new" features which we broke word on almost 2 months ago, including the PlayStation's rendered endings. If you haven't been keeping up with TRMK; you haven't been keeping up with the latest information on the progress of the home versions. If you missed what we posted in the past, here's a refresher
    April 28th, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    The first Mortal Kombat movie has been on PayPerView, Showtime and other various premium cable channels. Now, it will make it's world broadcast premiere Sunday, May 17 at 8:00pm EST on TBS Superstation. If you managed to miss this wonderful piece of cinematography while it was in the theaters or sitting on shelves at Blockbuster, we highly encourage you tune to TBS come May 17th for one of the most entertaining action/fantasy movies ever
    April 29th, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    IGN64 has conducted an interview with three members of the Eurocom staff regarding the Nintendo64 version of Mortal Kombat 4. Many of the facts revealed by Eurocom here also apply to the other ports as well (including dynamic light sourcing, alternate costumes, etc.). Also, just to note: the only two modifications that had to be made to run at 60fps on the N64 and PSX hardware was reducing the polygon count on the player models, and simplifying the backgrounds. Keeping the smooth frame rate was kept higher in priority than a few nit picky details on walls and floors. And to straighten out any misinterpretations of what is meant by not using standard MIDI in the N64 version, it uses sampled MIDI, like Killer Instinct Gold, for much better quality (as opposed to what's heard in MKT-N64). Enjoy the interview
    April 30th, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    Here's a short preview of what's in the home versions of Mortal Kombat 4. Be sure to check back in June for TRMK's "Complete Guide to Mortal Kombat 4: The Home Versions".
    New Features:

    -Dynamic Light Sourcing (projectiles illuminate their paths and the characters)

    -All-new Snow Stage added to the rotation

    -Alternate Costumes (such as Cage in a Tuxedo) with alternate weapons

    Game Modes:
    -Arcade: 1on1 Kombat or 2on2 Kombat (both of which can now be played by 1 or 2 players)

    -Team: Two teams of five strive to survive (1 or 2 players)

    -Tournament: Standard elimination tournament bracket with either 4 or 8 participants (each particpant can be 1P, 2P, or CPU)

    -Endurance: Three variations of the classic survival concept from MK1 (all rounds have "Finish Him/Her", performing a Fatality restores a small amount of your energy)

    -Practice: Practice your moves and combos against the CPU or a friend, with a display of buttons pressed, percentage of damage, and an on-screen move list that you can bring up for your character (1P vs static CPU, 1P vs fighting CPU, or 2 players vs eachother)

    Nintendo64-Specific Features:

    -Since it's stored on a 16MB (128megabit) cartridge, it includes all the speech from the arcade game.

    -Supports Rumble Pak for moves, Fatalities, and even endings!

    -Supports Memory Pak for saving controller configurations, unlocked hidden characters, etc.

    -Uses the hardware's anti-aliasing to prevent any "blockiness"

    Sony PlayStation-Specific Features:

    -Uses all-new pre-rendered Full-Motion Video (FMV) in place of the arcade's real-time introduction and endings

    -Supports Memory Cards for saving controller configurations, unlocked hidden characters, etc.

    -More to come...

    Windows 95 PC-Specific Features:

    -Supports Microsoft DirectX, including Direct3D (it uses the features on your 3D graphics accellerator if you have one installed)

    -Much more to come...

    Hidden Characters:

    -Meat: Everyone's favorite skinned warrior is back in all the home versions, unmodified

    -Goro: The classic subboss from the game that started it all, makes his return in the realm of 3D as a hidden subboss (he appears under Shinnok on the tower when unlocked, you can play as him using a code)

    -Noob Saibot: The dark warrior makes his return to MK4... with an all-new weapon!

    Continued Coverage of MK4 at IGN64

    IGN64 has added five new images, including a render of Goro in front of a blue background, for the Nintendo64 version of Mortal Kombat 4 to their MK4 Preview Page
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