June 24th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
The image scans from the July/August issue of Time Digital are now available in the Picture Gallery. Here are the main points from the article.

"MK4 will add weapon-to-weapon combat."
"Cameras [that] can pan in and out, and [that] can dolly."
"If the character wins, he may look down at the camera and snicker."
"The seven or eight new characters will probably include Shinnok, a god-like ex-Elder who will appear in the form of a strapping fighter; Quan Chi, a sorcerer who works for Shinnok and looks like a cross between Kojak and Pinhead from Hellraiser; and a female assassin."
"All of the characters will have several new moves. Among them: the "back breaker," where you jump behind a guy, grab his shoulders, shove your knee into this back and are rewarded with a loud crack; and the "donkey kick," in which you jump behind your opponent, land on your hands and kick him about 15 ft. straight in the air."
"We do things so hyperreal and over the top, it's more outrageous than realistic."
"The nunchucks, whips, swords, battle-axes and other weapons in MK4 will offer cartoonish, instantly healing flesh wounds."
"The game invades living-room Playstations and Nintendo 64s in the fall of 1998."

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