August 31st, 2004
9:17 AM CST -
Game Informer takes a hands-on preview of the$latest build of Mortal Kombat: Deception. Here is what they have to say about the game's graphics.

Visually Deception is a step up from Deadly Alliance and sports some very impressive character models and fluid animations. While the title does fall back on its distinctive 'lock and move' style of fighting, the overall look of the action unfolding on-screen is still on par with other fighting titles on the market. Particle effects(and blood are also well rendered and although the gore at times seems to be more strawberry jelly than actual blood, the copious amounts that fly everywhere should keep everyone happy. The only real drawback that I can find in the visuals is the somewhat sketchy character models in Konquest. While the main characters are well rendered, secondary characters are generic.

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