December 11th, 2002
11:19 PM CST -

We updated our MK:DA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which finally answers the most important and common question we receive. What question is that you may ask, well does "Are there more Fatalities?" or "How do you do Pit Fatalities?" sound familiar to you? Lets just say the answer is bad news for some of you who don't don't value the game's very rich gameplay over fatalities. I don't want to spoil it all here just yet, so to read the full answer to those questions, and many more, be sure to check out our MK:DA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

We also wanted to let you all know that we have added a little bit more content to the MK:DA Strategy Guide.

  • We finally finished adding all the pictures for the game endings for each character in the Character Guide along with the text story of each ending.

  • Minor fixes have been made to the key on our Printable MK:DA Moves List.

  • Also, we hope to FINALLY get a crack at the GameBoy Advance version of the game soon to add support in our guide for that version of the game.

Also this Friday, December 13th at 8 PM CST (2 AM GMT). there will be a moderated chat with the Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Development Team over at So go there on Friday to have a chance to have your questions answered by the development team yourself.

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