November 10th, 2002
12:00 AM CST -
Here is a quick early update for today, adding the game's first confirmed Fatality into the MKDA Special Moves Guide. The first confirmed Fatality for the game is Scorpion's spear through the head Fatality. Scorpion throws his spear into his victims head. At which time he
starts to pull at the rope attached to the spear a few times. And he eventually pulls his victims head right off their body. The movements for the fatality are B, B, D, B, (X) in the FATALITY fighting style. Thanks goes to Elitekombatant from the Message Boards for finding this Fatality at the Cube Club in Phoenix, AZ.

I am still compiling questions that you, the readers, sent in to me. I will make an update either later tonite or tomorrow answering the questions I received, so keep sending me questions via email.

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