November 2nd, 2002
9:46 AM CST -
I got a chance to check out Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance at Nintendo's Cube Tour stop this week in Schaumburg, IL. I compiled a completed MKDA Special Moves Guide for people who will be visiting future stops on the tour and would like a reference sheet with the special moves. I won’t be reviewing this version of the game; instead a full game review will be coming from us along with the release of the final version of the game. This is because it's not fair to review the unfinished and buggy version of the game on display at the Cube Tour. Below are a few notes on the game, with more to come in the next week as I get more game play time in.

  • There are MANY MORE little moves per each fighting style; the moves list is just a list of the character's Special Moves

  • This guide is for the version of MKDA on the Nintendo CUBE TOUR (0.206) that is currently going across the US. Other than bugs, it seems fairly complete.

  • "Fatality" fighting style has to be switched to after "FINISH HIM/HER" announcement. But when in Fatality you cannot move your character, this is either an indicator that you don’t need to have a specific distance anymore or that it’s a nice way to lock the player’s movements.

  • "Power Up!" move gives player a boost of energy, usually done with the Z button on some fighting styles.

  • Z button also does different throw-like moves based on fighting styles like Sub-Zero's Ice Slide throw seen in some movies online. Also weapon stabs are done with this button when applicable. It also allows you to do reversals, but I haven't figured out the exact way to yet.

  • Player's "Handicap" in versus mode can be chosen on the select screen by hitting the X button and adjusting your Handicap in the bar that comes out on the side. Two more bars appear to be present off on the side, but couldn't find how to bring them out.

  • Start button selects a character with their alternate costume, but it must be unlocked first. Possibility of other buttons used to get other costumes if more than just the one alternate costume.

  • Kano's Fatality was seen a few times done by the computer. In it he pulls reaches into the body of the opponent and pulls out their organs one by one (stuff like Heart, Kidneys, etc). Hope to see more soon next weekend.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might want me to answer about the game and I will do the best to get those questions answered. If not this week, I'll answer them after I play the game next weekend again.

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