May 20th, 2002
5:59 PM CST -

I peronally would like to welcome everyone to the new TRMK. This is the fourth redesign of our site and is the most important redesign of the site's history. As you can notice, we are now at the new URL You can still reach our website at our old address; however, you will be redirected to this new URL.

The most important feature of the new site is the ability to customize the entire theme of the website. Currently, you are probably looking at the default blue and green theme you have been so accustomed to seeing. By clicking on the "Choose Your Theme" button at the top of the page, you will have four choices of how you would like the page to appear. As of today, there are three other themes to choose from besides the default theme. These three themes are a red and yellow Shang Tsung theme, an iced-out Sub-Zero theme, and a golden yellow Scorpion theme. Go ahead and click on the "Choose Your Theme" button and find one you like. We will be adding more themes in the future and will even take requests and submissions for additional themes at a later date.

As of right now, we are still using SmartNews 2.0 as our news content backend but plan to transition to a new and more robust system. The new layout is not quite complete as you will see one or two problems creep up from time to time. Hopefully we've nailed all of the showstoppers and everything works out well. Currently, there are quite a few placeholder pages in place in anticipation of the new backend. Once we transition to the new backend, we will be implementing more areas of the site.

In addition to the upgraded layout, we've upgraded our server. The new server will allow us to use the more robust backend without having any problems serving pages on the fly. The increased server capacity will allow us to offer more robust content and better community services.

While the hardware and the look of the site has changed, our philosophy has not. We will continue to bring you the latest news on the world of Mortal Kombat at the highest levels of professionalism. As long as I am still running this website, that will be my promise to you.

I hope you enjoy the new layout as we are totally excited about it. Please join us tomorrow as we descend upon Los Angeles, CA and initiate our live coverage of E3 2002.

Jeff Greeson -

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