April 27th, 2002
10:22 AM CST -
There are plenty of new Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance updates this weekend, so we'll wrap them up for you all in one nice update.

First, the Official MK:DA Website updated with three new images this weekend. One is a sketch and the other two are previously seen screenshots. Descriptions of the images and links to see them are listed below.

  • The first image is a bunch of sketches that tells more about the origins of Blind Kenshi.

  • Another image is an in-game screenshot showing Shang Tsung uppercutting Scorpion into the air. (This image was also featured in the MK:DA sneak preview feature in the current issue of Game Pro and also was shown in the Game Informer feature last month.)

  • The last image is an in-game screenshot of Sub-Zero without his mask on. This appears to be something along the lines of a pre-fight close up camera angle shot. (This image was also featured in the MK:DA feature in Game Informer)

Also, the new issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) featuring a 2 page article on MK:DA is now circulating to subscriber's mailboxes and newsstands as you read this. The article has some new information we haven't heard before, as well as some images we haven't seen before. One thing to note is that the article is very "cautious" when it comes to hyping the game up. They instead say they are sticking to the facts on the title and are waiting to get the game themselves before hyping it up too much. Below is a quick run down of little tid-bits the article contains.

  • There will be some multi-level stages like in Mortal Kombat 3. (Now we just need to know if Kombatants are limited to a circular/square playing field or can they roam the entire stage's surface during battle.)

  • The RUN button has been eliminated to tune the game mechanics.

  • A new stage composed of ice is shown in one screenshot with snow falling all over the stage.

  • Kung Lao is again shown in two of the game's shots, so we can safely assume he is in the game for good now.

  • A mention of the female Sub-Zero is in this article as well. So I'm sure we'll be seeing an image of her in due time if they keep mentioning it to all the magazines.

  • One little note is that some of the new images we haven't seen before appear to be a bit more polished compared to the other ones we've seen. It's possible these "polished" shots are actually from the X-Box version of the game because of the system's different graphics rendering engine.

  • Finally the screenshots of Blind Kenshi vs Kung Lao shows Blind Kenshi's name as Blind GI not Blind Kenshi. This is probably just a mark of an older screenshot from before his name was finalized.

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