December 18th, 2001
12:00 AM CST -
Recently reported a rumor from a Russian source stating that the title of the next Mortal Kombat would be Mortal Kombat V and that Sonya would return. I don't doubt the possibilities of Sonya returning, since Jax is present in the game. Their source also sent them a logo for the game which they view as authentic. The Russian source also claims to be sending them the Mortal Kombat "5" teaser video from E3 2001, which absolutely reeks of a hoax. The video was under tight security and Midway representatives would not allow members of the media to video tape anything shown in Midway's press rooms.
We contacted our sources on the Mortal Kombat Development Team and they stated that they can "safely say" that they aren't calling the game Mortal Kombat V. They also did not comment on the Sonya Blade rumor. Make up your own mind and post your thoughts on our message board.

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