August 16th, 2001
11:48 PM CST -
Thanks to Jonathan Grizzle for the heads up that IGN PS2 has a story about Midway's Gamers' Day 2001 event in San Diego, CA that has the first pictures of what looks like pre-rendered concept art from MK5, or as they called it the "next-generation Mortal Kombat game". We can't say these are in game shots until we get official word that they are. The one picture of Scorpion and Jax is exactly 640x480, the same resolution some current game systems are running at. Either way, the pictures look really good and will be a great judge on what the "next-generation Mortal Kombat game" game will look like once released later in 2002. According to the bit of information from the event that got, MK5 will most likely hit the PlayStation 2 first, and also is still being aimed to "reinvent" the series.

The next-generation Mortal Kombat game was only shown on video and it was only a clip of Scorpion alone in 3D environment. The developers are aiming to "reinvent" the genre when this game ships sometime in 2002 for multiple next-generation platforms with PS2 most likely being the lead SKU.

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