April 11th, 2001
8:29 PM CST -
Here are some of the details Ed Boon is giving out right now at irc.thethreshold.com port 6667 in channel #MortalKombat

  • MK5 will not make 2001.
  • If we don't have it by 2002...we are in serious trouble.
  • The only certain character is of course Scorpion. But with Scorpion, one can expect Sub-Zero.
  • We are still in the early preliminary stages.
  • Well you can throw everything you know about MK out the window, cause we are using a completely different fighting engine.
  • Characters will absolutely show wear and tear as a fight progresses.
  • MK5 the game will not be playable at E3.
  • MK5 will introduce new plot lines, as well as continuing some of the classic stories.
  • The weapon system will be much more elaborate then in MK4.
  • The console versions will be DVD, so memory will not be a problem.
  • I think you'll be surprised as to how soon you will see images for the next Mortal Kombat.
  • Expect a teaser within the next few months.

The chat has now concluded. The entire transcript is available here.

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