March 7th, 2001
6:00 PM CST -
It appears that the end of Midway's presence in the arcade market is near. Midway announced on Tuesday that it has let go 60 employees within the coin-op division (Press Release). We later learned that these employees were specific to coin-op hardware and sales. Furthermore, reports on highwaygames, an amusement-industry specific website, confirm that Midway is indeed ceasing all arcade development, with exception to touchscreen games (Story). It appears that all projects that are adaptable to the console market have been moved to the home division. Mortal Kombat 5 is definitely a project that falls into this catagory. The MK team has been accumulating members recently and have quite a substantial size compared to past development projects. Questions are still in the air whether MK5 will still make it to arcades, but with an outsourced manufacturer; however, given the details of the size that the MK team has grown, it appears that focus has indeed shifted towards next-generation consoles. Special thanks to Jason Sizemore and Daniel Fisher for the heads up. We will have further reports as details emerge.

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