January 31st, 2006
9:32 AM CST -
Midway today announced that Midway Arcade Treasures: Deluxe Edition has gone gold and will ship to stores for the PC on February 6th. Midway Arcade Treasures: Deluxe Edition consists of 29 arcade games including all of the games from Midway Arcade Treasures 2 and Midway Arcade Treasures 3 as well as a late addition of the original Mortal Kombat. This 4-disc compilation set will be available for the suggested budget price of $19.99.

This collection includes a wide-array of arcade games that range from fighting to racing. For the first time ever on PC, gamers will have the chance to play the games that started a world-renowned franchise - the first three Mortal Kombat games. Friends will be left behind in a cloud of dust in Super Off Road. Racing skills from San Francisco Rush 2049 and Off Road Thunder: Mud, Sweat n' Gears can be used to out-wit and out-drive the bad guys in APB. Arcade-perfect PC versions of such classics as Wizard of Wor, Gauntlet II, Pit Fighter, Arch Rivals, Rampage World Tour, San Francisco Rush the Rock: Alcatraz Edition, Hydro Thunder and more are included in Midway Arcade Treasures: Deluxe Edition.

For more information, including a full list of games and screenshots on Midway Arcade Treasures: Deluxe Edition, visit our GameRealm.

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February 1st, 2006 8:15 AM CST - zeke009
Originally Posted by : Jeff Greeson
This 4-disc compilation set will be available for the suggested budget price of $19.99.
<BEGIN RANT> I really wish they (the gaming industry) would stop producing games on multiple cd-roms and use DVD's instead. I hate swapping 4 discs during an install and I can't imagine I am alone in this. The more annoying thing to me is the industry putting a premium price on games printed on DVD that contain crap I'll never use. To be honest, I don't care about the following: 1) what the programmers look like 2) what the programmers look like making funny faces at the camera 3) sketch art for a spoon found on a non-descript table in the back of a level 4) sketch art period 5) demo for a game you know will suck which is why they include it on a big title DVD 6) anything that is on the DVD that is not part of the game itself or directly related to the game (ie: DirectX install, Adobe Reader for the PDF manual are all exceptable) This is a good rant about DVD vs CD over at Shacknews. Don't have a DVD-ROM? They are cheap and getting cheaper by the day... VD-Rom/sortby=priceA/popup1%5B%5D=10:355" target="_blank">PriceGrabber NewEgg I understand there are people/customers who will enjoy those various little treats on the DVD I mentioned above. That is perfectly fine and understandable, to each their own correct? I'm just sick of seeing DVD priced games with (what I consider) crap for $10 - $15 more than their 4+ CD-ROM counterpart on the gaming shelf. Wow, pretty early for a rant.... I need some coffee or a Dew. <END RANT>
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