May 25th, 2000
7:05 PM CST -
We now have our own set of
exclusive pictures
from The Grid, Midway's new arcade third-person shooter from the creators of Mortal Kombat. These pictures were captured with a camcorder, so quality and colors aren't perfect but shows enough about the game to get the point across. If I can get RealProducer to stop freezing I will be posting some footage of the gameplay in RealPlayer format.

This update also covers codes for those readers who are playing the game or plan on it. I am still designing our coverage area here on TRMK for The Grid. It will cover all the players, arenas, weapons, codes, etc. But for now here are the codes fellow players and I have found so far: (The codes are entered on the player select screen and followed by the # key after each code is entered)

  • 543 - Grid Kids (Big Hands/Feet)

  • 937 - Armed and Dangerous (You begin game with your default weapon)

  • 327 - Fast Return To Action (Faster Respawn After Death)

  • 123 - Announcer's Advice (No Effect, Announcer Pops Out on Select Screen)

  • 224 - Big Head Mode (Player has Large Head)

  • 243 - Cheat Mode #1 (No Effect)

  • 266 - Only Cannons (No Effect)

  • 147 - Human Controls (No Effect)

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