May 22nd, 2000
1:25 AM CST -
Ed Boon has updated with some photos from the game testing at Diversions and four in game screen shots. Go there to check them out!

Here is a description of the four screenshots on from upper left to lower right.

  • Upper Left: This is a picture of April in the "GRID" cube that appears right before the surrounding arena shows up.

  • Upper Right: This is a player standing in front of a single-player ladder before going into the game. You see the announcer in the foreground with April standing behind him. In the background, you can see an arena full of people with the GREEN tower behind her.

  • Lower Left: an in game picture with April holding what appears to be the flame thrower. This picture shows the close third person view. It's almost a first person view, just slightly behind.

  • Lower Right: I don't know exactly what this is. It may be part of the attract mode or a single player game. It doesn't appear to be an in-game shot, but rather a cinematic of some kind.

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