May 15th, 2000
8:17 AM CST -
The network serving the LA Convention Center was down the entire day Friday. We managed to get those few updates early in the morning via a modem connection. The promised in-depth feature has been written; however, it is to be hosted on GameSpot's Unfortunately, GameSpot was having their own share of problems beginning the first day of the show. The new layout and backend collapsed under the traffic and was being worked on the entire show. The content is ready and everything seems to be fixed, but updates are only trickling in.

Regarding your questions, Ed Boon appeared to be absent from the show. As a result, none of your questions regarding MK5 were able to be answered. We did, however, find out that the arcade development teams are not allowed to work on multiple arcade projects at the same time. So that probably means that MK5 is still only in the imaginative stages, while Ed finishes up The Grid.

Finally, MK Special Forces will most likely not be the last in the series of adventure-based MK fighting games. We are pretty certain that Midway has no plans to end the Mortal Kombat adventure game genre. As far as we know, the MK adventure-fighting games are still viable in the future.

As soon as the full impression appears, we'll have the link to it.

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