May 9th, 2000
9:42 AM CST -
As we enter the week of E3, the TRMK Staff is gearing up for this year's E3, May 11-13. TRMK will continue its excellence in E3 coverage from last year with instant updates from the show's floor and immediate postings of screenshots as we get them. We have learned from our experiences last year, and we are more ready than ever to bring you the latest in MK information, faster than before.

But that's not all! TRMK will also be extending its coverage into other select games along with pictures of other happenings at E3. Because of MK's low profile status at this year's show, we are going to be perusing the E3 floor in search of other cool games we think you would be interested in.

Now that we have our new Community Section up and running, we are taking suggestions over on our Message Board of what you would like to find out about MK Special Forces or any other game making an appearance at E3. It is your chance to influence what we do here at TRMK. Click on the discussion bubble to add your suggestions directly to the E3 thread!

If you missed out on our coverage of last year's E3, check out our E3 1999 Show Coverage.

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