April 28th, 2000
6:40 PM CST -

TRMK has just received confirmation that the title of Ed Boon's next game is indeed THEGRID. While our Smash TV themed speculations of THEGRID may have been a little ambitious, the humor aspect will be prevalent in this First Person Shooter (FPS). In addition to the title, we have also confirmed that the game is running on the same Zeus hardware as MK4.

The FPS genre has been tested before in the arcade, ironically by Atari Games, a fully owned subsidiary of Midway Games, now operating under the name, Midway Games West, with the game WAR: Final Assault.

As far as the whole "I Guess That's What You Get" line goes, it appears that it is a "WAR" cry coined by one of the Midway developers, John Vogel. We {till have no idea what the other images on noob.com have to do with the game other than to expect to see them in the game.

So there you go! The next question would be is if you’d like to see us cover THEGRID in addition to our regular MK content. Let us know what you think! Click on the discussion bubble next to the story title to join in the Kombative Discussion!

Update 4/29: Midway's Arcade Section has been updated with the listing of "The Grid" under the Coming Soon section

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