February 4th, 2000
5:42 PM CST -
I would like to retract the story posted by our staff regarding the news post about the story at AICN. Apparently the information was stolen from a message board posting by Threshold's MortalKombat.com webmaster, Jason Thomas. We have received contradictory information regarding this story from Jason Thomas himself. Here is Jason's explanation of the situation.

I being a webmaster of the official Mortal Kombat here and now state this. There is NO Mortal Kombat 3 movie in the works. The information on "Aint It Cool News" is false and made up by someone. There is no script and even the title "Domination" was ripped from a Mortal Kombat film script I have been working on since 1995 and only recently been releasing information about on the MK Nightmares message board. Someone from that message board is sending out false information. Again there is NO Mortal Kombat 3 film in the works. The only MK project Threshold Entertainment is working on at this time is "The Federation of Martial Arts" at MortalKombat.com. Thank you.


Nosaj Samoht
Administrator of The Mortal Kombat Dominion

    Jeff Greeson

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