October 23rd, 1999
8:08 AM CST -
The Adrenaline Vault has posted a review of Mortal Kombat Gold. This is one of the first MKG reviews that I have seen that has set aside any biased feelings and is very fair with their assessment. There are many reviews out there that just attack certain aspects of the game throughout the entire review and only give positive aspects in just a sentence or two. In this review, both positives and negatives get equal amounts of exposure. The reviewer emphasizes that you should not expect a totally new game and makes sure that you understand what you're buying. Here is a blurb from this excellent review.

Being more of a sidestep than a leap forward for the series, Mortal Kombat Gold allows us to witness the technical prowess of the Dreamcast at work and gives us the chance to become reacquainted with several of our old favorite characters, many of whom I for one never expected to see again. While many are quick to criticize the gameplay flaws and harp upon the fact that there's not much value to be had for the money you'd spend, it's only fair to counter by saying that this is by far a true gem for longtime fans of the series, being the proper sort of arcade conversion we'd always hoped for in the past. That's not to say it isn't without its fair share of problems, tarnishing its appeal to a certain group of players, but Mortal Kombat fanatics are liable to see things from a different perspective.

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