October 11th, 1999
1:41 PM CST -
The revised version of Mortal Kombat Gold is now in stores. You can identify it by a bright green sticker in the upper left hand corner of the manual that says "HOT! NEW!" The CD is now also in a red tint and not a yellow tint so you can tell the difference from CD to CD. Bring your copy of the game with receipt to the store in which it was purchased and you should be able to exchange it for a revised copy.

Some things have been fixed and a few changes have been made, though it is unclear if every issue has been addressed. One of the most noticeable changes is the added MK logo on the VMU screen (the first version didn't have anything on this screen). In addition, VMU saving seems to be working completely now -- it DOES save the Kombat Theater settings. Also, no vertex problems have been experienced as of yet.

The bug list will be updated within the week with what has been fixed. If you notice any changes not mentioned yet, please e-mail them to Patrick McCarron.

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