December 12th, 2005
11:24 AM CST -
Today, Midway announced the shipment of Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play for the Sony PSP to retailers. Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play includes 21 arcade games that are the "best of" both Midway Arcade Treasures 1 & Midway Arcade Treasures 2, including Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat 3 with wireless multiplayer.

Don't forget to check out our interview with the developers, Digital Eclipse, if you have not already done so. Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play will be available in stores in the next few days at the suggested retail price of $29.99. We suggest that you order the game at

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December 14th, 2005 10:49 PM CST - omgwtfbbq
I'll be definately picking this one up.... after I see reviews. I'm just hesitant to see if the MK games really are arcade perfect.
December 14th, 2005 10:54 PM CST - blazer
im for sure gonna get this
December 16th, 2005 12:42 PM CST - Patrick McCarron
I picked it up, quick recap here: Come there and share your thoughts, I hope to have a nice review and some tips and tricks for you all by Monday.
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