September 20th, 1999
4:00 PM CST - added to their growing number of features on the history of certain video games, with The History of Mortal Kombat. The feature focuses on The Storyline and The Games, with plans for a second installment early next year focusing on The Characters, The Development (possibility, unknown for sure), and External Productions (movies, tv, etc.). Here is a small taste:

Back in the early 1990s, arcades were the most happening place to be. Lines of screaming hyperactive kids - and the parents they dragged there - would gather around to see and experience the latest in computer graphics and entertainment. Back then arcades offered an experience that no personal computer or console game machine could even dream of. People considered classics such as Time Traveler, Smash TV, High Impact Football, Cyberball 2072, and many others to be some of the most innovative and enjoyable video games of their time. However, none of these games seemed to have the impact that one 1992 game did.

That game was Mortal Kombat.

Click here to continue on to the rest of the feature. Finally, I would like to again thank Frank "IceMaster" Chan for his extrodinary and timely help with the creation of this feature. This would have never been possible without his help.

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