September 7th, 1999
5:54 PM CST - has a review of Mortal Kombat Gold up, giving it an overall score of 6.3 out of 10. Here is a snippet from it:

But enough with the moaning. To be fair, Mortal Kombat has never been hailed as the deepest fighter of the bunch, nor has it ever claimed to be. Anyone going in expecting the next King of Fighters or Street Fighter Alpha is in for a disappointment. To make up for the shallow fighting engine, MK Gold has added quite a few extras to extend your interest somewhat. Five returning characters, including those bad asses Baraka and Cyrax have joined the cast. Offering what most recent games in the genre do nowadays, there is a Practice Mode and Endurance Mode too. Endurance Mode tests your mettle against a lot of opponents, while giving you only one life bar to work with. Definitely a challenge. Team Mode is here, so you can choose up to five comrades and go on a KOF- style challenge, or just hang out in the Tournament Mode and crown a champion for your household. Despite all these extra modes however, I found it hard to find a reason to go back. After you have seen all the Fatalities, what else is there to really keep you playing?

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