August 25th, 1999
9:17 PM CST -
The chat session has ended. Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon provided us with some insight on the goings on at Midway as well as upcoming MK games. Here are some of the other key points from the chat session:

  • Mortal Kombat Gold is finished.
  • Despite recent departures from Midway, Mortal Kombat: Special Forces is still under development.
  • Mortal Kombat 5 is in early development stages with an estimated release date of late 2000.
  • An advanced chip from 3dfx will be used for arcade versions of MK5
  • Scorpion is currently the first character being worked on for MK5
  • "Test your might" will possibly be returning in MK5
  • MK5 will sport a more complex weapon system

    You can view the log of what was said here. Special thanks to Jason Thomas for putting this chat session together. We really appreciate it!

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