August 18th, 1999
6:47 PM CST - have gotten their hands on 5 new screenshots of Mortal Kombat Gold. Along with these new screenshots, has learned some new information based on a hands-on look of a reviewable copy of MKG. Here is the extra info:

Mortal Kombat Gold is currently in a reviewable state, and it's coming together quite well. The game's new characters take a little getting used to, though most of their moves have remained the same. Cyrax's bombs have been simplified to a mere F, F, HK or B, B, HK, depending on what distance you'd like to use. Also, the game's alternate outfits are in. The outfits are selected in the same way that they were used in the console versions of MK4. Most of the new characters' outfits are simple color changes, but Cyrax's alternate outfit features the robot ninja without a mask, revealing his human form. Could this be a taste of the storyline in MK5? How exactly did Cyrax get his human soul back? Only time will tell.

Graphically, the game looks as good as the arcade version of MK4. The only new graphical element that sticks out is Cyrax's net, which doesn't really move very well and looks a little odd. It'll probably get cleaned up by the time the game comes out. There are several new backgrounds in the game, including one with a lot of spikes along one of the walls. Hopefully this will be a new stage fatality. Load times are very slight, the most noticeable being Shinnok's impersonation moves, which halt the game for a good second or two while the new move data loads in.

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