May 13th, 1999
11:26 AM CST -
We're here live at the Electronic Entertainment Expo getting ready for the doors to open. Yesterday, we managed to sneak in while everyone was setting up and went by the Midway booth to check out what was on display. They had a very early copy of Mortal Kombat Gold running, which we couldn't resist getting our hands on. From the little time we had to play before we were ushered out, the game looked very rough and many options were not available. Here's a short list of what we noticed:

  • The nostalgic five characters on the select screen were all playable.

  • Special move motions for the new characters did not appear to be carried over from previous Mortal Kombat games.

  • The new characters were not listed in the practice menus.

  • Character shadows during battle were missing.

  • The five new playables were not present in any of the difficulty towers.

  • Several problems with the audio soundtrack were prevalent. (development issue)

  • Kitana's moves seemed like development placeholders, as strange audio effects were occurring during the moves. We expect that most of these minor glitches were due to the early nature of the game.
    We're almost a half an hour away from the opening of E3, so check back later today for more coverage of Mortal Kombat Gold and Mortal Kombat: Special Forces

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