September 24th, 1998
12:01 PM CST -
chtuka has updated with a new version of the MK4 Hacker, the program that makes MK4's secrets easily accessable. Here are the new features in this release.
- Fatalities for Goro (I've added Quan Chi's "Leg Rip" fatality as his
1st fatality because that one looked the best and most bug free for him. His 2nd is Reiko's second. Do not do the "Fan Fatality" with Goro if he is P2 because it crashes the game. I'll fix this in the future...)
- Easier Kitana/Goro/Noob access (Simply select Sonya/Shinnok/Reiko using the "RUN" button.)
- Easier Meat access (Simply select your character using the "BL"
button. If you want to be a secret character using Meat's skin then you
have to hit BL+RUN together. If this doesn't work, try to go to
"Hidden", Push & Hold "RUN", then go to the character and hit "BL".)

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