August 12th, 1998
12:05 PM CST -
Kingdom MK has an update that explains how the Cheat Fatalities function in the PSX version. Here it is blatantly ripped from their site.

The 1-button Fatalities in the PSX version of MK4 differ from the N64 version in that you can turn all 3, Fatality 1, Fatality 2, and
Level Fatality on at once! To turn all of the Fatalities on at once, first enter the cheat code, then go
into the cheat menu and turn Fatality 1, Fatality 2, and Level Fatality all ON. Then begin a match, and any time during the final round,
before it says "Finish Him/Her!", depending on which Fatality you'd like to see, do the following combination of button presses:

  1. Fatality 1: R1+SQUARE
  2. Fatality 2: R1+TRIANGLE
  3. Level Fatality: R1+UP

Then, after doing that, when the time comes and the announcer says "Finish Him/Her!", simply press D+HP and your character will do the Fatality
that you told him/her to do. Don't forget, you must make sure that all of the 3 options in the Cheat Menu have been turned ON, and also
make sure that you do the above button presses in the final round. This is alot more convenient than the N64 version, where you can only have one option on at a time. In the PSX version,
you can change them on the fly, and do a different Fatality every match if you'd like.

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