August 6th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Hello my name is Chris Thompson and I am running the MK Dominion while
Jason is out. First let me clear up a big misunderstanding. Jason
Everett Thomas who you all know as Nosaj Samoht is not, I repeat NOT
dead. There was major confusion on August 5th as he was found near death
in his house after the "Pneumonia" he had got a week before became worse
in a matter of minutes and he almost drown in his own fluids again like
he almost did on July 31st. It was that he was givin the wrong
medication and had a bad side effect to it. The reason the "Rest In
Peace" image was on our company site at was that Jason's best friend Josh
Christ heard from the confusion about what Jason's status was that
someone told him that he had died. Josh needless to say was totally
crushed at this news and put up the image to Jason and then left the
offices and was missing for a couple of days. Well a little while ago he
came back to our offices saying he needed time alone and he almost had a
heart attack finding out that Jason was NOT dead and that he got wrong
information from someone. While we took him to Jason's hospital room to
visit him he remembered that he put that image on our company page which
never gets any visitors anyways so he didnt think there was a rush to
take it down but Jason who everybody knows holds a special place in his
heart for "The Limit" who died last year wanted it removed as fast as
possible because he knows how rumors fly fast. Well I logged on just 10
minutes ago and was shocked at the over 300 emails in our box and the
many posts in the MK Newsgroup and the updates on many MK Sites around
the internet. So in doing so I am writing this to the webmasters and the
many MK fans out there to say Nosaj Samoht is NOT dead but came very
close to dying last Wednesday night. We are sorry for any grief this may
have cause and Jason will be making a real audio clip for you later
explaining how he is doing when he returns from the hospital hopefully
with the right medication this time. I myself think Jason should sue
those doctors for giving him that bad crap in the first place that
almost killed him on the 5th. He wants to thank all the fans that have
written messages of "Get Well" to him while he has been out.

Thank you for your concern and time...
Chris Thompson...

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