August 31st, 2005
8:56 AM CST -
Silver Bullet Comics has an interview (fifth story down) with the creators, Walter McDaniel and Bryan Hill of the new line of Mortal Kombat: Deception comic books by WAM Entertainment and Atomeka Press.
BM: I've heard that you'll be starting off with a MK: Scorpion one-shot before moving on to the MK: Deception miniseries. Please elaborate.

BH: There was a lot of thinking about which of these many loved characters to start with in a series. I cherry-picked Scorpion because I love the themes of loss, vengeance and redemption. I think those are universal...

WM: I would say because Scorpion is one the signature MK characters. He is a key character and I think his story arc is the most interesting over the MK series of games…

BH: And a fantastic place to start the series. There's a playground of story in Scorpion. From his quest for vengeance to his roots in ninjitsu training. He's the classic anti-hero. Who doesn't love those?
The article also features some very wicked artwork from the comic. Definately check out the main site for the comic book more details.

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