June 13th, 1998
12:03 PM CST -
In order to use the three "Fatalities" options in the Cheat Menu, enable one of them ("Fatalities I", "Fatalities II", or "Level Fatalities"). After the "Finish Him/Her" announcement when you have won a match, hold Down and hit High Punch ANYWHERE in the stage, your character will automatically perform his/her 1st or 2nd Fatality depending on which of the 2 you have enabled (if you enable both I and II, it will do Fatality 1). If you have enabled the Level Fatality option you can perform the stage spikes fatality on all stages except for the Prison Stage when you hold Down and High Punch up close. Using this method, we have also discovered that Noob Saibot's 1st Fatality is Johnny Cage's Torso Rip (the same Fatality Noob had in the preliminary revisions) and his 2nd is Sub-Zero's Freeze Uppercut

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