August 25th, 2005
5:12 PM CST -

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August 25th, 2005 6:10 PM CST - TheFreak
That's pretty awesome, the only thing that looks strange is the mask's "grille" other than that, looks like an MK2 style piece of work!
August 25th, 2005 9:35 PM CST - Ethix
Damn, that's pretty awesome.
August 25th, 2005 11:27 PM CST - Vixen
i think its allular...except his shoes..but thats just me
August 26th, 2005 5:26 AM CST - DCR
Bitchin'. I was wondering when the hell they were going to release some Scorpion artwork.
August 26th, 2005 8:17 AM CST - MaxDam
It looks like he has a too long chest imo. to be honest, I'm not impress by the characthers design, too cartoonish for my taste.
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