June 13th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
For those of you who are having trouble getting the timing for pressing BL + RN perfectly simultaneously to choose Goro or Noob Saibot in the home versions of MK4, our Chicago Correspondent, Patrick McCarron, found a trick to make it easier for you. After you have chosen "HIDDEN" and are on Shinnok's or Reiko's icon for Goro or Noob respectively, hold START and begin holding Run, now Release START, and then press Block (while still holding Run) to choose him. Note that when you press Run while holding Start, the icon will rotate, this really doesn't matter for Goro since he only has one costume, but if you're picky about which one of Noob's costumes you would like to wear, you can press Run as many times as you like before letting go of Start, but remember to keep holding Run

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