June 12th, 1998
12:05 PM CST -
Goro and Noob Saibot can be played in 1-player games, sorry for the confusion. Also the Red Rain code (020-020) does in fact take you to the Wind World stage and change the rain to red (blood). We were in such a rush to go through the Kombat Kodes quickly that we didn't notice the rain starts out normal and then turns red shortly after the beginning of the match. Two new Kombat Kodes have been found so far: Big Heads is 321-321 (no on-screen text confirming it at the beginning of the match, but you'll notice the obvious effect), thanks go out to "IceOut" for that one. Plus, we found the Kombat Kode that takes you to the new stage, Kode 27: Kombat Zone: Ice Pit: 313-313 (Credit TRMK). Also note, we have also discovered that Kode 13: Noob Saibot Mode (012-012) still does absolutely nothing in the home versions

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