May 30th, 1998
12:01 PM CST -
Special thanks to E3 attendee Dharmesh for giving us the full scoopage on Mortal Kombat 4's appearance at E3. We've split up his latest report into the different platforms for easy reading. There are only 30 days left until MK4's release.


  • The Playstation version looks a lot choppier than the N64 version,
    although the backgrounds are a lot smoother looking.
  • The FMV endings are very very cool. There is a Theater Mode that lets you watch MK TV Commercial, as
    well as the game intro.
  • They have also taken the liberties to enhance some endings. For example, Reiko's arcade ending has him just walking in to the portal. But on the Playstation now he walks in to the portal and then he sits down on his chair and a mask comes down on him...guess what? Reiko
    is SHAO KAHN.

  • Goro is the sub-boss on every tower.
  • Once you put the cheat code in, there is an option to see anybody's ending by just beating the first guy.


  • The N64 version on the other hand looks a lot better on the character
    side, but the backgrounds could have been better.
  • The sound is awesome a lot better than MK Trilogy's.
  • As you can tell the endings are real time like the arcade and have full voice with captions.
  • Noob Saibot's fireball lights his opponent breifly on fire. Not seen on the Playstation version.

    Again, thanks to Dharmesh for the report from E3.

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