May 30th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Here are a brief description of the alternate costumes donned by each warrior in the home version of Mortal Kombat 4. Thanks to Dharmesh for the contribution.
Liu Kang:Head band, and a karate outfit
Tanya:She wears a black dress
Sonya:Pink outfit without a hat.
Raiden:Same outfit but has blue sleeves
Kai:Leather jacket with sunglasses
Reptile:Old ninja outfit from MK3
Jax:White pants and a white shirt
Johnny Cage:Tuxedo
Noob:Hooded outfit (VERY cool)Full black (no mask or outfit visible)
Sub-Zero:He appears to be half frozen.
Scorpion:Grey outfit with no mask (skull face visible)

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