March 23rd, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
DVD is the future! DVD (Digital Video Disc) is the biggest innovation since the CD. DVD features true Dolby Surround sound decoding, better video quality than lazer disc, up to 8 diffrent language audio tracks and up to 32 subtitle tracks, and can hold up 15.9 GigaBytes. (cd's can hold only 640 MegaBytes) Currently DVD can be played by DVD Players (available NOW!), and in the near future
DVD will come to your computer. On Tuesday, March 25, 30 DVD current and classic movies will debut at $19.95 each and Mortal Kombat will be one of those 30. Experience Mortal Kombat the movie in true digital video and awesome Dolby Surround Sound. Go to Gamecenter learn more about DVD.

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