May 6th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Game Informer has updated their Preview of MK4 for the N64 with nine new screenshots. Some new information, which we revealed quite a while ago, is also included in the update. Also, there are quite a few things we must correct them on, and we can assure you that these are 100% solid facts: First off, it is definitely stored on a 128Megabit (16MegaByte) cart, not a 96Megabit (12MegaByte) cart, there's no "possibly" on this. Secondly, all ports were done by Eurocom, not in-house at Midway (just a minor mistake as they continue to refer to it as Midway's work, and has left "Created by: Midway Home Entertainment" at the top -- they will market and distribute the game, they had no involvement in the conversion). Third, there are a total of three hidden characters, not two, Noob Saibot has been added (and the particular few of you who still refuse to believe he is present in the home versions can prepare to see him on your own TV screen this summer). These corrections are in no way meant to be insults directed at the credibility of Game Informer magazine, we agree they're great at what they do. We only felt it necessary to clear up the facts on MK4's home versions, because we believe you, our readers, deserve to know the truth when we know it.

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