March 18th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
If you have followed this page since it's beginnings, you would
remember me giving out Windows tips and Internet pointers. Since,
absolutely nothing is in the news on MK, I'm gonna share a cool,
probably a classic, Windows95 / Internet tip: Remember when you
bought (borrowed) Windows95 two years ago? You installed and setup
Dial-Up Networking (DUN), and got annoyed by that darn DUN box in
the taskbar taking up valuable space? Well, if you have a friend
that recently bought a new computer and you watched him dial into
the Internet using DUN right after he connected, the program would
minimize itself into the System Tray (the area with the clock)
leaving his task bar totally free of any program. You screamed
and yelled: "Why doesn't mine do that?!%@#$#$" It was because your
friend bought his new computer and the company installed Windows95
OSR2 (4.00.950 B), which includes a new version of DUN. You
pleaded, "Damn. I'm gonna buy a new computer just for that nifty
new DUN!" Well, anyways... Here is my tip that will give you the
new version of DUN without having to install the new OSR2 version
of Win95. Microsoft released ISDN Accelerator Pack 1.1 almost a
year ago and in this pack it includes dual band ISDN support and
the new version of Dial-Up Networking. (That's why I called this a
classic. I can't believe that I didn't know about this earlier.)
Anyways, don't worry if you don't have ISDN. You can uninstall the
ISDN support and still keep the new version of DUN. Go ahead and
download the
Accelerator Pack 1.1
at Microsoft's website. If you want to
remove the ISDN support, and still want to keep the DUN enhancements
go under Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Windows Setup |
Communications | and uncheck the ISDN Accelerator Option. The new
version also includes DUN Server, which is included in Plus!, so you
get even more free stuff! If you're still convinced to buy a new
computer go to the
OSR2 Downloadable Components Page.

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