February 9th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Kai's second fatality has been sent in to us by David Tinsely this morning. TRMK Staff member, SekTrax has confirmed this to be a working fatality in Revision 3. Kai levitates his opponent then shoots a fireball at their head. The opponent's head explodes and the rest of their body falls to the floor. Here is the move.
Kai's Head Explode Fatality: U - U - U - D - BL (outside sweep)

Once again I would like to reiterate TRMK's stance on incoming fatalities and moves. TRMK will confirm the move in question before it posts to the public. This greatly reduces the chances of us posting something that doesn't work, or doesn't exist. It may make us late in reporting, but on the upside you can trust it to work 100% of the time

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