February 7th, 1998
12:01 PM CST -
Special thanks to BADRoCK who sent along a few noticable diffrences in Revision 3, which is now being shipped nationwide in North America to a local arcade near you. Some of the following may have been stated before; however, since the wide release of Revision 3 has occured they need to be re-addressed.
  • Everyone’s damage has been handicapped so the game is more even. It’s more difficult to reach maximum damage than the first versions.
  • When Fujin pulls out his weapon during a combo, it fires 3 quick shots forward instad of 1 shot like before.
  • Everyone has new combos.
    • HP - HP - HK - Uppercut. (4 hit pop-up combo)
      • The second HP animation is a really awesome palm smash looking hit.

    • HP - HK - D+HK. (3 hit pop-up combo)
      • The last hit is their D+HK animation, but characters who dont have that move can also do this combo.

  • Kai has a new move Lunging boot kick: HCF+LK.
  • Kai now has Quan Chi’s old weapon (small curved knife)
  • Johnny Cage has a new breaker. He gets horizontal against the opponent and smacks them with his feet.
  • Johnny Cage has a new weapon. Its like a larger version of Jareks sword and acts very similar.
  • Quan Chi's new weapon acts the sams as the club, but looks different. Its a wood handle with a spiked ball on the end.
  • Now when you do Scorpions fire breath fatality, it says "Toasty! 3D!"
  • You can no longer perform moves during Shinnoks ending animation.
  • On Reptile’s stage, there are large spiked metal balls to throw.
  • Endings are subtitled.
  • HP juggles are more difficult than before. Example: in v2 you could do a pop-up combo and then run forward and do HP, HP, then finish the juggle. In v3 either the pop-up combos dont go as far or runs are faster because often times you run right past the midair opponent, or the first HP makes them crossover behind you. Its very weird and/or annoying.
  • Computer AI has been improved, but it still has some bugs (e.g. the ability to stand and block sweeps, etc.)

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