February 3rd, 1998
12:01 PM CST -
MKX, by the way of Dungeon Master, have discovered two new fatalities for Sub-Zero and Tanya. kn0wledge, our Chicago correspondent, has confirmed these movements to work. Sub-Zero's is an new rendition of his MK2 freeze and shatter fatality. Tanya's is a derivation of her neck twist "breaker" move that twists her opponents neck 360 degrees. As soon as Revision 3 hit the Texas area, we'll have exclusive screenshots, and if all goes well, a couple of movies of the new fatalities. Here are the movements.
Sub-Zero's Shattering Uppercut: B - B - D - B+HP (outside sweep)Tanya's Neck Twist: D - F - D - F - HK (close)

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