November 24th, 1997
12:01 PM CST -
TRMK Chicago Correspondent, kn0wledge, brought back some differences in the new revision being testing in Chicago area arcades.
- CPU now harder to beat...they use special moves less often and hence have less openings for attack. Shinnok's HK HK combo won't let you counter his second HK with an uppercut anymore.
- Johnny Cage's new weapon is a thick "pirate" is similar in function to Jarek's.
- Quan Chi's new weapon is a mace. It opperates similar to Raiden's
Hammer, with the HP and B+HP moves simply switched.
- Doing the alternate color code automatically selects your character. (Thank god they took out that Kai/Jarek bug finally.)
- After connecting with a HP in midair you can add a HK or possibly even a LK. Other possible "air two-in-ones" are under investigation.
- Combo damage lowered down to 50% in some cases. Everyone can start combos with 2 HP's now, and everyone can use the "kick uppercut" (D+HK) in combos. Unfortunately it dosen't seem to always work...much like in the last version how some people couldn't use HK D+HP as a combo without starting with the it is difficult for some characters to start with 2 HP's
- To be safe just use the old system: jump in starter, HP, HK, [D+HP or B+HK or B+LK] or [HK, (almost) any move]
- The syntax of the new combo system will be posted upon a bit more
investigation...but for now, to see it in action, try HP, HP, D+HK which seems execute easily for everyone.

- Sub-Zero can no longer Uppercut or re-freeze after a juggle.
That, combined with his lowered damage for his other combos greatly weaken him. Maybe now the Sub-Zero turtlers will have to search out someone else to play with.

    Note: All of these features may not appear in the final release.

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